Tranquil Mani-Pedi


This is the perfect way to experience the best of both worlds: a manicure and a pedicure. This package includes our two classic services, the Tranquil Manicure and the Tranquil Pedicure. Don’t forget to ask your service provider for a specialty coffee or tea to enjoy during your pampering.

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Sample Tranquility


Having trouble deciding on which of our services would best suit you? Try a sample of Tranquility. This package includes a file and polish on both the finger nails and toenails, a Dermal Refresher Facial, and a Shampoo and Style.

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Pro Power Peel Package


Do your skin a favor with the Pro Power Peels from Dermalogica. A full facial and gentle chemical exfoliation for all skin types. Peels remove the outermost layer of skin stimulating cell renewal and turnover. Improving acne, hyper pigmentation, signs of aging, texture and all over appearance. Comes as a package of 3.

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A Year of Seasonal Facials


Enjoy special pricing for a year of seasonal facials, providing you with the personalized attention your skin needs with the changing of each season. Each facial includes aromatherapy as well as a jelly mask and light massage. For the full experience, we include a specialty seasonal coffee or tea to enjoy during your pampering.

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The Tranquilizer


Tranquility brings you the ultimate relaxation package with the Tranquilizer.  This package includes a 60 min. massage, a seasonal facial which offers aromatherapy and a jelly mask. You are also treated to a shampoo & style of your choice, as well as a spa manicure and pedicure which includes a paraffin treatment for both your hands and feet.

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A Tranquil Afternoon


What a great way to spend the afternoon with this popular package. Start off with a relaxing 30 minute massage followed by a Tranquil Pedicure, and then end your day with a Tranquil Manicure. While your feet are tended to you can enjoy your choice of a specialty tea or coffee.

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Bride to Be


Let us get you ready for your big day with the Bride to Be package! This package includes both your trial make-up and hair and your wedding day make-up and hair. Give yourself the gift of one less thing to worry about.

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Relaxed and Ready


As the name states, this package will leave you relaxed and ready for anything. Start off with a blissful 30 minute massage followed by even more relaxation with a Tranquil Facial. Once you are fully in relaxed mode let our stylists bring your hair to life with a shampoo and style.

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Mom to Be


This is the perfect way to relax and pamper before you welcome your new addition. This package includes our Spa Pedicure, which offers a paraffin treatment for your feet, our Tranquil Facial to leave you glowing and finally, a 30 min. massage for total relaxation.

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